Theme Entertainment For Your Party or Office: Dance and Singing Telegrams in
Extravagant Costumes, Fortune Tellers, and Temporary-Tattoo Artists. Denver, Colorado


Make any occasion a special event with entertainment from a beautiful, costumed Belly Dancer. Before the lucky recipient knows it, they’re adorned with a veil, a turban and are up and moving their hips. All the attention is directed at the person of honor because it’s their day! This is a short but sweet show lasting from 7 to 12 minutes, a perfect break in the work day for a colleague., includes jokes, a printed telegram, and kazoo song “Happy Birthday” or “For He(She)’s a Jolly Good Fellow ” for retirements..  Prices start at $85 (30 minute show $150)
A short show with an island theme. Dancer wears a hula girl costume, and the recipient will be made to feel like an Island King (or Queen). The person of honor will sway their hips and do a "warrior dance." Prices start at $85
Other costumed characters: Cop, Nurse, Biker Chick, Cher, and "Tool Time Girl."
Fortune Teller
Offer a secluded corner at your party for your guests to have their palm read or draw a Tarot card to tell their fortune. Great for Halloween and New Years parties. Prices start at $150 for first hour.
Tattoo Artist
Mehndi and tribal designs hand painted with FDA approved body ink leave a lasting memory of your party. The easily removable designs are a great alternative to henna because they dry almost instantly and do not dye the skin. $150 for first hour. 303-564-5539
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