Dancing Belly Buttons

Testimonials about Dancing Belly Buttons Dance Parties:

"I want to thank you again for coming today! it was a real treat seeing you dance
and the girls so enjoyed it. I'm so grateful for your talent and the time you spent
. What fun memories!" ---------Andrea C, September 13, 2015. See Yelp review

"Sydney, my Kindergartener, has been to over a dozen parties so far this year.  Yours, by far, is the most memorable! All she talks about is Rooshana. Your picture even hangs over her bed!" -----------Judi Fulton

"The party was amazing! Thank you so much, Rooshana! Definitely it makes a party super special with Rooshana's warm, happy and wonderful energy."

Natalya Cogswell, February 2013

“It’s fun ‘cause they’re learning something ...it’s educational, but they’re having fun too. Rooshana has a lot more to offer than just the dancing, with the henna painting and the coloring pages”

Anne, Mother of Catherine

“It’s interesting because I booked it (the party) not knowing if the girls would like it or not, and I have a picture of them sitting there with their mouths hanging open (what with the pretty costume and the jewelry). It fulfilled all their princess fantasies.
     Actually being able to get up and twirl around (was great). The little girl with cerebral palsy was very enthusiastic about it. Laura remembers 'snake arms' and the 'camel walk'.
     It’s a great mix of fantasy and reality. The fantasy part being getting dressed up with all the princess and Jasmine aspect of it and the reality is that it is a part of another culture.
     I would highly recommend it."

Kathy Brennan

You can use our name for references anytime!

Dan Cordova

Oh gosh, it's the best birthday! The girls (twins) loved it.

Julie Cordova